We all know Ronan as the owner of the face hairdressers and his passion for interior design. Henceforth, we are delighted to introduce the amazing interior design selected by Ronan.


‘Concert’ – 850 euro

Bronze Sculpture / 1.5 m

‘Something that I want very very much’ – 1.100 euro.

Bronze Sculpture / 2m.

‘Resident of a lonely Ireland’ – 800 euro

Bronze Sculpture /2m

‘ The Space Between Us’ – 900 euro

Bronze Sculpture/ 1.4m

‘Far Away’ – 1.500 euro

Bronze Sculpture/ 2m

‘Universe Explorer’- 1.500 euro

Bronze Sculpture / 2m.

‘Second Arrived’ – 1000 euro

Bronze Sculpture 1.5m.

‘Monk’ Wooden & bronze sculpture – €300

‘Clown Face’ – €400

Sheep Skins

80 euro each

Short Haired

Available in white & pink colour

80 euro each

Long Haired

Available in white & grey


Handcrafted Slippers 30 euro

Each pair is unique.

Different sizes Available


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Name and Details

Name and Details

Name and Details